Other Taxa Thought to be Related to Olacaceae

Brachynema Benth.

A number of leaf and floral morphological features are aberrant in Santalales such as the dentate leaf margin and the axil placentation. The morphological cladistic analysis in the dissertation by Malécot (2002) suggested it may be part of Ericales. More recently, Ken Wurdack (Smithsonian Inst.) conducted molecular analyses and, the genus does indeed seem to be part of Olacaceae! Stay tuned for further developments.

  1. Brachynema axillare

Worchesterianthus Merrill in Philipp.

This species of the Philippines has been placed in Microdesmis (Pandaceae). See Van Steenis (1955).

  1. Worchesterianthus magallanensis (Elm.) Merrill.
View type specimen at New York Botanical Garden herbarium HERE

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