Navigating The Parasitic Plant Connection

When you first visit a web site, it is often frustrating and time-consuming to learn enough about the organization of the pages to find the information you need. I have made every attempt to keep the format of the PPC as intuitive as possible, but a little extra help is always welcome! The diagram below shows the basic organization of the PPC web site. The yellow bubbles represent pages that are usually only one level (i.e. one click) away from the main index page. The blue bubbles are pages that are accessible only by visiting the family-specific pages (see Order and Family Pages on main index page). 

As of November 2010, The Parasitic Plant Connection contains over 4000 files, 3564 of these image files of parasitic and mycoheterotrophic plants.  And of course, the family pages link to many photographs being maintained on other servers. At present there are over 760 links to at least one remote image.



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