Dactyliophora salomonia Dans.

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Description (Barlow 1974)

Dactyliophora salomonia Dans. J. Am. Arb. 16: 206, illus. Fig. 129, a, b (1935); Bull. Jard. bot. Buitenz. 14: 87 (1936). Type-Ouloto, Tutuke Mt., Guadalcanal, 1200m alt., Kajewski 2497, 14.iv.1931 (L 936815).

Glabrous except for the inflorescence, calyx and young corolla shortly brown-tomentose. Stems slender, smooth, slightly flattened when young. Leaves opposite; petiole slender, 1.5-3 cm long; lamina ovate, 8-12 by 4-7 cm, thin, truncate or weakly cordate at the base, undulate at the margin when dry, attenuate and acute or shortly rounded at the apex but not acuminate; venation distinctly pennate on both sides and prominent on the lower side. Inflorescences (as seen) 1 or 2 in the leaf axils; axis slender, with 1 or 2 triad-bearing nodes; first internode 15-30 mm long; second internode (when present) c. 4 mm long; first node bearing 8-10 triads; second node (when present) bearing c. 4 triads; peduncles of the triads slender, 8-10 mm long; pedicels of the lateral flowers of the triads slender, 1.5-3 mm long; bracts narrow, acute, 1 mm long. Calyx cylindrical, 25 mm long, limb irregular, 0.5 mm long, folded inwards. Corolla in the mature bud slender, 25-40 mm long; petals in the open flower 6, with or without a spur inside c. 4 mm above the base. Anthers c. 3 mm long, usually about equal to the free parts of the filaments but in one collection seen almost sessile. Fruit ellipsoidal, 8 mm long. (Fig. 1, q.)

Occurrence. Solomon Islands, recorded from Guadalcanal and San Cristoval (Fig. 3), 100 to 1200 in altitude.

Specimens Examined. GUADALCANAL: Road to Mt. Austen, 200 m alt., Whitmore BSIP 2547, 5.ii.1964 (K; L). SAN CRISTOVAL: Wairaha, 100 m alt., Whitmore BSIP 4221, 10.v.1964 (L).


Dactyliophora salomonia. Portion of inflorescence. From Barlow (1974).


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Dactyliophora salomonia

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