Dactyliophora verticillata (Scheff.) Tiegh.

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Description (Barlow 1974)

Dactyliophora verticillata (Scheff.) Tiegh. Bull. Soc. bot. Fr. 41: 550 (1894); Dans. Bull. Jard. bot. Buitenz. 10: 307 (1929); 11: 359, illus. Fig. 14, i-n (1931); Blumea 3: 42 (1938); Dendrophthoe verticillata Scheff. Ann. Jard. bot. Buitenz. 1: 27 (1876); Loranthus verticillatus (Scheff.) F. Muell. Descr. not. Pap. p1. 5: app. p. 99 (1877) nom. illeg. non R. & P.; Engl. & Krause, Pfl. Fam. ed. 2 16b: 149 (1935). Type-Near Dorei (West Irian), Teysmann 7591 (L 9081281028, holotype; L 9081281038; K).

Loranthus globiflorus Blume, Fl. Jav. tab. post. ed. 29 (1898); Dactyliophora globiflora (Blume) Dans. Bull. Jard. bot. Buitenz. 10: 307 (1929); 11: 356, illus. Fig. 13 (1931). Type-Not known. For comment on typification see Danser in Bull. Jard. bot. Buitenz. 11: 358 (1931).

Loranthus basiflorus Krause, Bot. Jahrb. 57: 479 (1922); Dactyliophora basiflora (Krause) Dans. Bull. Jard. bot. Buitenz. 10: 307 (1929); 11: 356, illus. Fig. 14, a-d (1931). Type-Kani Mountains, Schlechter 17238 (B, holotype, not seen, probably destroyed; s, not seen; UC, not seen).

Loranthus kaniensis Krause, Bot. Jahrb. 57: 477 (1922). Type-Kani Mountains, Schlechter 18091 (B, holotype, not seen, probably destroyed; UC, not seen).

Loranthus thespesiae Krause, Bot. Jahrb. 57: 480 (1922); Dactyliophora thespesiae (Krause) Dans. Bull. Jard. bot. Buitenz. 10: 307 (1929); 14: 86 (1936). Type.- New Ireland, near Kalanga, sea level, Peekel 514 (B, not seen, probably destroyed).

Amyema speciosa Dans. Bull. Jard. bot. Buitenz. 11: 347, illus. Fig. 12, l-o (1931). Type-Albatross Bivak, Mamberamo R., c. P in alt., Docters van Leeuwen 9543, July 1926 (L 932342147, holotype; K; U).

Glabrous except for the inflorescence, calyx and corolla shortly brown- or white-tomentose. Stems terete; internodes usually more than 10 cm long; nodes enlarged when older. Leaves opposite; petiole distinct, 1-25 cm long; lamina oblong to ovate, (8)-12-30 by (3)-4-12 cm, contracted truncate or slightly cordate at the base, undulate at the margins when dry, acuminate and acute at the apex; venation dis-tinctly pennate on both sides with the midrib raised on the under side. Inflorescences scattered on the runners and solitary in the leaf axils; axis terete, enlarged at the nodes, 1.5-2 mm thick; triad-bearing nodes 1-4, usually 2 or 3; first internode 3-8 mm long; second, third and fourth internodes (when present) 2-4 mm long; triads c. 10 at the first node (more when successive nodes are contracted together), c. 8 (rarely up to 12) at the second node, c. 10 at the third node, 4-6 at the fourth node (when present); peduncles of the triads 3-5 mm long, 1 mm thick; pedicels of the lateral flowers of the triads 1-2 mm long; bracts acute, 1 mm long. Calyx barrel-to funnel-shaped, 25-35 mm long; limb 0.5-0.7 mm long, truncate or weakly toothed, folded inwards. Corolla in the mature bud slender, weakly clavate, (25)- 30-50 mm long; petals in the open flower 5-8 (usually 6), each with a deflexed spur inside (3)-6 mm above the base. Anthers 25-5 mm long, equal to or longer than the free parts of the filaments. Fruit not seen.

Occurrence. New Guinea, from the Vogelkop to eastern Papua, New Britain and Bougainville (Fig. 2), mostly 0 to 350 in altitude but recorded once at 1150 in altitude. Also recently recorded from Cape York Peninsula, Queensland.

Representative Specimens. WEST IRIAN: Wandoswaar, Meoswaar, Ransiki, 0 m alt., Kalkman BW 3551, 20.vi.1956 (L; CANB). EASTERN NEW GUINEA: Kokoda, c. 360 m alt., Carr 16155, 19.iii.1936 (CANB; L). NEW BRITAIN: Awul, Gasmata, 0 m alt., Sayers NGF 24121, 21.iii.1965 (AD). BOUGAINVILLE: Near Koniguru No. 1, c. 11 miles N. of Bum, c. 275 m alt., Craven and Schodde 16, 18.vii.1964 (CANB).


D, ver3

Dactyliophora verticillata. A - inflorescence, the triads at the front and at the back side taken away. B - separate triad. C. flower. D - flower bud with half the corolla taken away. E - petal. From Danser (1931).

D. vert.

Dactyliophora verticillata (as D. globiflora). A - leaf-bearing twig. B - inflorescence. C - axis of the inflorescence with a part of the triads. D - flower, half-opened. E - corolla, cut open and spread. F - calyx with ovary and style. G - longitudinal section of pedicel with bract, calyx, ovary and basal part of the syle. From Danser (1931).

D. vert2

Dactyliophora verticillata (as D. basiflora). A - inflorescence. B - flower. C - calyx with style. D - petal with stamen. From Danser (1931).


Dactyliophora verticillata

Dactyliophora verticillata (possibly).  Fruiting specimen.  Kavieng, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.  Photo August 2005 by G. Glatzel.

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Dactyliophora verticillata

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