Distrianthes Danser

One species New Guinea, SW Pacific

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  1. D. molliflora (Krause) Dans. New Guinea.

Distrianthes Dans. Bull. Jard. bot. Buitenz. 10: 213 (1929); 11: 366 (1931); Loranthus subgen. Dendrophthoe subsect. Mollflori Engl. & Krause, Pfl. Fam. ed. 2 16b: 162 (1935). Type Species.-D. mollflora (Krause) Dans. (lectosyntype, see below).

Loranthus subgen. Dendrophthoe subsect. Spathati Engl. & Krause, Pfl. Fam. ed. 2 16b: 162 (1935). Type Species.-L. spathatus Krause (lectosyntype); L. lamii Krause (syntype).

Aerial stem-parasitic shrubs with runners; leaves opposite; venation pennate. Inflorescences axillary or on the runners, capitate, consisting of two sessile dichasia (triads) at the apex of a common peduncle; central bracts of the triads enlarged and foliaceous, enclosing the flowers and connate at the margins over them during development; lateral bracts small, narrow. Corolla 6-merous, regular, gamopetalous. Anthers basifixed, immobile.

A genus of perhaps only a single species (see note under D. mollflora) occurring in the foothills and slopes of northern New Guinea at low to middle elevations. The genus is probably a specialized offshoot from Amyema.

Danser based the genus on three entities, D. molliflora, D. spathata and D. lamii. The first is preferred as lectotype over the second, which is poorly known, and the third, which was reduced by Danser to equivalent synonymy with D. molliflora.

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