Unidentified Loranthaceae from Papua New Guinea

1. Amyema? Kaitaki (Koitaki?) near Sogeri. July 1971. NGF 43799. Slide archived at Lae Herbarium. Labeled as Sogerianthe, but likely not.

Same, close-up of inflorescence.

Same, habit.

2. Amyema, possibly A. scandens. Wahgi, Sepik Divide. Y500. June 1956. #638.

3. Amyema? Upper Chimbu. Oct. 1963. #1331.

Same, close-up of inflorescence

4. Amyema? no label on slide.

Same, close-up.

5. Amyema? Lake Kopiago. Oct. 1968.

Same, close-up of inflorescences.

6. Amyema? Kaindi. NGF 32894. 9 June 1968. Photo by MJEC.

Same, close-up of inflorescences.

Updated 20 January 2007