Rafflesia tuan-mudae Becc.

Species name commemorates Mr. Carlo Brooke Tuan Muda of Sarawak.

The Rafflesia plant is parasitic on Tetrastigma (Vitaceae) whose green leaves are visible to the right of the flower. The only part of the parasite that is visible is the flower; the rest of the plant consists of fungal-like strands inside the host vine. Gunung Gading National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia. This particular flower was nearly one meter in diameter. Photographs by D. L. Nickrent (no. 4045).

Close-up from above flower, looking through the diaphragm onto the top of the column studded with processes.

Same flower as above, looking at inner side of diaphragm, showing the ramenta and white floral "windows".

Rafflesia tuan mudae

Ulu Sg. Segarah, Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary, Ulu Sg. Engkari, Sri Aman. (21 Dec. 1994). Photograph by Yii Puan Ching.

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