Rafflesia patma Blume

Species name derived from Javan vernacular name. Meijer (1997) lumped R. zollingeriana into R. patma, but these appear to be distinct species based on the molecular data by Bendiksby et al. (2010).

This species has a characteristically pale (flesh colored) flower with numerous warts that are white or match the background color. The species is known from both western Java and southern Sumatra, however, Meijer (1997) indicated it may be extinct in Sumatra owing to over-collecting.  The buds are used in traditional medicine (jamu or djamu).

Rafflesia patma

Flower fully open. Pananjung Pangandaran Nature Reserve, western Java (7 42 35.20 S, 108 39 33.09 E). (Photo 31 May 2009 Febrina Ariyanti - Taneakjang on Flickr),

Both of these photographs, provided by Anna Marika Bendiksby, were donated to her from a local guide in Pangandaran, Java.


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