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About the Use of Information

If I didn't want anyone to use this information, I wouldn't have made it available on the web! I fully encourage anyone to use the pictures, text, etc. for nonprofit scientific and educational purposes. Other uses of this information should be cleared with me first. I have purposely not embossed my initials or a © symbol on each photograph. If you would like to use any of the photographic images that I have taken, please contact me first (e-mail is best). I will, in all likelihood, grant you permission, but I simply want to keep a record of how many people are using this site to help justify its existence. 

If you wish to use one of my photographs as part of a "for profit" venture, I charge a $100.00 fee per photograph. These funds are deposited into an account at SIUC that is used for botanical research. For photographs taken by people other than me, please contact them directly to obtain permission. Many of these people are listed on the "Parasitic Plant Specialists" page.

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