Parasitic Plant Higher-Order rRNA Structures

Plant rRNA higher-order structures are also available via the Comparative RNA Web Site (CRW by Robin Gutell) HERE.

The European Ribosomal RNA Database (De Wachter) is available HERE.

A very complete list of algal and land plant nuclear 18S rDNA sequences can be obtained from Volker Huss:

The following list provides links to rRNA structures from each of the three subcellular compartments (nuclear, plastid and mitochondrial) for parasitic plants. These rRNA structures were constructed by D. L. Nickrent and are available for downloading as PDF files.

Small-subunit (SSU) Structures

Nuclear SSU rRNA

Plastid SSU rRNA

Mitochondrial SSU rRNA

Large-subunit (LSU) Structures

Nuclear LSU rRNA

Plastid LSU rRNA

Mitochondrial LSU rRNA

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