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Krameriaceae Dumort.

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Krameriaceae Distribution Map

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Krameria cistoidea

Krameria cytisoides

Krameria erecta

Krameria grayi

Krameria ixine

Krameria lanceolata

Krameria lappacea

Krameria ramosissima

Krameria tomentosa


The rattany family, containing only the genus Krameria, has been classified in its own family (Krameriaceae) or placed within Zygophyllaceae.  The flowers of Krameria resemble members of Polygalaceae and Fabaceae, two families that are apparently related as shown by morphological and molecular analyses. The APG2 classification considered Krameriaceae as an acceptable, monophyletic alternative to Zygophyllaceae and that concept has remained through APG4 of 2016.  Wang et al. (2009) analyzed 2 nuclear and 10 plastid genes for 117 taxa in the rosid clade and outgroups and the chloroplast inverted repeat (IR) for 59 taxa. Krameriaceae came out with 100% ML BS as sister to Zygophyllaceae.


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