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Cassytha (called love-vine in the Bahamas) bears an uncanny resemblance to dodder (the genus Cuscuta) but is not related to it at all! Cassytha is in Lauraceae, the same family as Sassafras, avocado, and cinnamon whereas dodder is in Convolvulaceae and is related to morning-glory vines. If one looks closely at the flowers, love-vine is quite clearly a member of Lauraceae.


Cassytha capillaris
Cassytha ciliolata
Cassytha filiformis
Cassytha pubescens
Cassytha sp.


Although sometimes classified within its own family (Cassythaceae), this parasitic vine is universally recognized as monophyletic and residing within Laurales, Lauraceae.  This postion within Lauraceae is supported by floral morphology and molecular data. Its superficial resemblance to Cuscuta is remarkable and an excellent example of convergent evolution. As shown in the molecular phylogenetic study by Rohwer and Rudolph (2005), Cassytha is nested among woody Lauraceae as the sister group to a clade including all genera except Hypodaphnis and the Cryptocarya group . To there appears to be no molecular phylogenetic study of Cassytha species.

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