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Description of the Parasitic Genera

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Lennoaceae Distribution Map

List of Parasitic Genera



  1. Lennoa madreporoides

Pholisma (including Ammobroma)

  1. Pholisma arenarium
  2. Pholisma culiacana
  3. Pholisma sonorae


The classification of Lennoaceae has been controversial, mainly owing to different interpretations of how families within the order should be delimited.  The work by Gottschling et al. (2014. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 72: 1-6) showed the two genera Lennoa and Pholisma were a component of a monophyletic Ehretiaceae.  It was for this reason that the classification on Parasitic Plant Connection was changed. More recently, Luebert et al. (2016, Taxon 65:502-522) used more recent molecular phylogenetic data as well as morphological features to propose a consensus classification where the order consists of eleven monophyletic families.  Here Lennoaceae is recognized and is sister to Ehretiaceae.  Because this classification took into consideration nomenclatural stability, hopefully the taxonomic volatility of this order has been settled.  


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