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Olacaceae R. Br., emend.

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Olacaceae Distribution Map

List of Genera in Olacaceae


Molecular phylogenetic work (Malecot & Nickrent 2008) has documented that Olacaceae in the traditional sense is polyphyletic. The following classification gives the composition of early diverging Santalales families that we now recognize.  All cases of documented nonparasitism are present in Erythropalaceae whereas all documented parasites are in the remaining families.  

Dulacia (genus should be included in Olax)

  1. Dulacia candida
  2. Dulacia macrophylla
  3. Dulacia sp.


  1. Olax antsiranensis
  2. Olax austrosinensis
  3. Olax aphylla
  4. Olax capuronii
  5. Olax dissitiflora
  6. Olax emirnensis
  7. Olax gambecola
  8. Olax hypoleuca
  9. Olax imbricata
  10.  Olax madagascariensis
  11. Olax pendula
  12. Olax phyllanthi
  13. Olax psittacorum
  14. Olax scandens
  15. Olax stricta
  16. Olax subscorpioidea
  17. Olax sp.
  18. Olax sp.
  19. Olax sp.
  20.  Olax sp.


  1. Ptychopetalum olacoides (or P. uncinatum)
  2. Ptychopetalum petiolatum
  3. Ptychopetalum sp.


A molecular phylogeny of Olacaceae sensu lato by Malécot and Nickrent (2008) can be found here HERE.


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