Schoepfiaceae Blume

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  1. Arjona longifolia
  2. Arjona patagonica
  3. Arjona pusilla
  4. Arjona ruscifolia
  5. Arjona tuberosa


Quinchamalium chilense was shown via morphometric analyses by Lopez Laphitz et al. (2015. Systematic Botany 40:1045-1052) to be a single, polymorphic, widespread species with a continuum of morphological variation (either genotypic or environmental phenotypic plasticity). A taxonomic revision reduced to synonymy 28 names of species or infraspecific taxa (Lopez Laphitz et al. 2015. Bol. Soc. Argent. Bot. 50:235-246).

  1. Quinchamalium chilense


  1. Schoepfia arenaria
  2. Schoepfia brasiliensis
  3. Schoepfia californica
  4. Schoepfia chinensis and S. fragrans
  5. Schoepfia jasminodora
  6. Schoepfia obliquifolia (along with Cathedra and Tetrastylidium)
  7. Schoepfia schreberi (including S. chrysophylloides)



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