Apodanthaceae Takhtajan

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Distribution Map
Apodanthaceae Distribution Map

List of Genera



  1. Apodanthes caseariae


  1. Pilostyles aethiopica [= Berlinianche aethiopica, an invalid name]
  2. Pilostyles berteroi
  3. Pilostyles blanchetii
  4. Pilostyles coccoidea
  5. Pilostyles collina
  6. Pilostyles hamiltonii
  7. Pilostyles haussknechtii
  8. Pilostyles mexicana
  9. Pilostyles thurberi


The "small-flowered clade"of the former Rafflesiaceae is composed of Apodanthes and Pilostyles (including Berlinianche). Mitochondrial matR and nuclear SSU rDNA data indicated either a relationship with Malvales or Cucurbitales (see Nickrent et al. 2004). Additional molecular work in the Nickrent lab confirmed a placement in Cucurbitales. This result was also found by Filipowicz and Renner (2010). But be aware that the relationship within the order was not supported in a later study of Cucurbitales by Schaefer and Renner (2011). Here Apodanthaceae was sister to all the remaining families in the order.


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