Loranthaceae of New Guinea



A Hypermedia Guide to the Loranthaceae of Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya and Surrounding Islands



Daniel L. Nickrent

Southern Illinois University

Carbondale, Illinois USA 62901-6509


The intention was to use this work as a convenient means to access information on the mistletoes of New Guinea and surrounding regions. The text and figures from many works were scanned and converted to text using optical character recognition software, thus some errors certainly persist. Because these works are, in some cases, protected by copyright, this work is not for general distribution or publication. Much of the text derives directly from the work of Bryan A. Barlow who is gratefully acknowledged for his immense contribution to our understanding of this diverse flora. Bryan often acknowledges Benedictus Hubertus Danser (1891-1943) who provided a number of critical works that delimited most of the genera and species. To both of these "mistletoologists," I extend my sincere thanks.
Genera of Loranthaceae of New Guinea

  1. Amyema Tiegh.
  2. Amylotheca Tiegh.
  3. Cecarria Barlow.
  4. Cyne Danser.
  5. Dactyliophora Tiegh.
  6. Decaisnina Tiegh.
  7. Dendrophthoe Mart.
  8. Distrianthes Danser.
  9. Lepeostegeres Blume.
  10. Macrosolen (Blume) Reichb.
  11. Papuanthes Danser.
  12. Sogerianthe Danser.

Key to Genera

Introduction and family description

Hybridization and doubtful species

List of species and synonyms

Photographs of Unidentified Loranths

Map of New Guinea

The people who assisted my work in PNG


Loranthaceae of New Guinea

Updated 29 Mar 2008