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 Striga asiatica in the USA, and the Control Program

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Traditionally the name Orobanchaceae  referred only to an assemblage of holoparasitic taxa that were recognized as relatives of the hemiparasites of Scrophulariaceae. More recently Scrophulariaceae has been “disintegrated” (Olmstead et al. 2001, Bremer et al. 2002, Oxelman et al. 2005).  Although some former scrophs have found homes in other families, all analyses agree that the parasitic members are included in a monophyletic Orobanchaceae. Morphological and molecular evidence clearly place this family in Lamiales among the asterids. A recent review of the systematics and phylogeny of scrophs and Orobanchaceae was published by David Tank and colleagues (2006). The tree therein was derived from Young et al. (1999), Schneeweiss et al. (2004), Wolfe et al. (2005), and Bennett and Mathews (2006).

References to Orobanchaceae (w/o Striga and Orobanche)

References to Striga and Orobanche

There is a vast amount of literature on Orobanchaceae and parasitic Scrophulariaceae, particularly for Striga and Orobanche because of their economic importance. The references listed on each of the above pages are admittedly incomplete and eclectic; they simply represent what I (DLN) and Andrea Wolfe had on hand within our EndNote reference libraries. It's a start, but ideally there should be a concerted effort to assemble all the known literature on these important plants.

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