The Genus Rafflesia

The "Queen of the Parasites" deserves a photo gallery page devoted just to her!

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Rafflesia arnoldii

 1. Rafflesia arnoldii R. Brown

var. arnoldii
var. atjehensis (Koord.) Meijer

[= R. titan Jack]

Malaysia (Borneo, Sarawak)

Indonesia (West Kalimantan, Sumatra)

Rafflesia aurantia thumbnail

 2. Rafflesia aurantia Barcelona, Co & Balete

Philippines (Luzon, Quirino Province)
Rafflesia baletiei thumbnail

 3. Rafflesia baletei Barcelona & Cajano

Philippines (Southern Luzon, Camarines Sur Province)
Rafflesia bengkuluensis

 4. Rafflesia bengkuluensis Susatya et al.

Indonesia (Southern Sumatra)

 5. Rafflesia borneensis Koorders

Indonesia (Borneo, NE Kalimantan, Sekerat Mts.)

Collected only once (1917); material incomplete.


 6. Rafflesia cantleyi Solms-Laubach

[= R. azlandii Latiff & Wong]
[= R. sharifah-hapsahiae Adam et al. see page]
Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia & Tioman Island)

 7. Rafflesia ciliata Koorders

Indonesia (Borneo, NE Kalimantan, Sekerat Mts.)

Collected in 1918, possibly 1957.

Rafflesia consueloae thumbnail

 8. Rafflesia consueloae Galindon, Ong & Fernando

Philippines (Luzon, Nueva Ecija Province)

 9. Rafflesia gadutensis Meijer

    [= R. kemumu Susatya, Hidayati & Riki see page]

Indonesia (Western coastal Sumatra and Benkulu)

 10. R. hasseltii Suringar

Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia)

Indonesia (Central Sumatra)

 11. Rafflesia keithii Meijer

Malaysia (Borneo, Sabah)

Indonesia (East Kalimantan)

 12. Rafflesia kerrii Meijer

Thailand (Peninsular Thailand)

Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia)
Rafflesia lagascae thumbnail

 13.  Rafflesia lagascae Blanco

[=R. panchoana Madulid, Tandang & Agoo]
Philippines (Luzon)
Rafflesia lawangensis thumbnail

 14. Rafflesia lawangensis Mat-Salleh et al.

Indonesia (North Sumatra, Gunung Leuser National Park)
Rafflesia leonardi thumbnail

 15. Rafflesia leonardi Barcelona & Pelser

[= R. banaoana Malabrigo]
Philippines (Luzon)
Rafflesia lobata

 16. Rafflesia lobata Galang & Madulid

Philippines (Panay)
Rafflesia manillana thumbnail

17. Rafflesia manillana

[= R. cumingii R. Brown]
Philippines (Samar)
Rafflesia meijeri Thumbnail

 18. Rafflesia meijeri Wiriadinata & Sari

 Indonesia (North Sumatra)

 19. Rafflesia micropylora Meijer

Indonesia (North Sumatra)
Rafflesia mira thumbnail

 20. Rafflesia mira Fernando & Ong

[= R. magnifica Madulid, Tandang & Agoo]
Philippines (Mindanao)
Rafflesia mixta thumbnail


 21. Rafflesia mixta Barcelona et al.

Philppines (Mindanao)


 22. Rafflesia patma Blume

[= R. zollingeriana Koorders]

Indonesia (Java)

Rafflesia philippensis thumbnail


 23. Rafflesia philippensis Blanco

[= R. banahaw Barcelona et al.]
[= R. banahawensis Madulid et al.]
Philippines (Luzon Island, Quezon Province, Mt. Banahaw)
   Rafflesia pricei small

 24. Rafflesia pricei Meijer

Malaysia (Borneo, Sabah, N. Sarawak?)


Indonesia (Kalimantan)

 25. Rafflesia rochussenii Teijsm. & Binnend.

Indonesia (Western Java, Sumatra)
Rafflesia schadenbergiana thumbnail

 26. Rafflesia schadenbergiana Göppert

Philippines (Mindanao)

    Rafflesia speciosa

 27. Rafflesia speciosa Barcelona & Fernando

Philippines (Panay)

Rafflesia su-meiae M. Wong, J. Nais, F. Gan

 Remains to be evaluated.

 28. Rafflesia tengku-adlinii Salleh & Latiff

Malaysia (Borneo, Sabah)

 29. Rafflesia tuan-mudae Becc.

Malaysia (W. Sarawak)
Rafflesia verrucosa thumbnail

 30. Rafflesia verrucosa Balete et al.

Philippines (Mindanao)

 31. Rafflesia witkampii Koorders

Indonesia (NE Kalimantan, Sekerat Mts.)

Described from only a bud, incomplete material exists to determine if it's a distinct species. Similar to R. pricei.

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